Driver's seat squeaking/creaking

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Re: Driver's seat squeaking/creaking

Post by MozeyPanda » Thu May 10, 2018 2:28 pm

Check that none of the underside brackets are broken. Mine was squeaking a lot because the underside bracket was broken, they fixed it (cost to me due to own fault) and it has made a big difference but it still squeaks on some bumps espeically when someone is sat down so I am going to get it looked at on the next service and greased up since I paid for the repair and it has warrenty on the job.

Also, check the rear bonnet to make sure the floor bonnet mat thing is actually fully in place, another area I found to be loose somehow, probably on last opening. I pressed down towards the back, close to seats and it locked in place fully. It covers the tools underneat/above the exhaust.
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Re: Driver's seat squeaking/creaking

Post by Aldo » Sat Sep 19, 2020 4:40 am

I got the same issue and it's driving me nuts. It happen about 1 year ago, I moved the seat back and foward and it stopped the noise for the past year. Now it's back along with the creacking dash.

The A45 is an amazing car but it's not up to Mercedes standards on interior quality in my opinion. Built to a cheaper standards on interior. Eg. C class has a door locking button on both front doors but the A class only has one on the drivers side and they feel like a hard plastic on the A class.

We have a w204 c class coupe as our other car and even though its now 8 years old there isn't a single creak or rattle anywhere on that car inside or out. Its built quality compared to the A class is so much higher.
I know someone who moved from a C class to an A class who also told me the same thing.

The A class falls short of that mercedes quality in my opinion when comparing the 2 cars.

The interior quality between these two models is staggering.
Shame 😔

(i however love my A45 for everything else and it's a long term keep 😊👍)
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